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  • Unlimited email consultations to discuss the particulars about your ceremony and reception, and ways that Thread can be woven into the day.

  • An hour-long Skype or FaceTime get-to-know-you session to gather background, stories and important threads of meaning about the couple and their life together

  • An original poem, inspired by and written exclusively for the couple. Presented at the reception in two forms: mounted onto a wooden art block, and typed onto an archival scroll.

  • 4-5 hours of uninterrupted and concentrated writing time for guests at your reception. Guests are invited to come ask for a poem.








Tell me a little about each intended recipient, and I will write an original poem especially for them.  You can choose how the finished poem arrives: typed on archival paper, mounted onto a wooden art block, or professionally matted and framed. Your poem(s) will be mailed two weeks before your wedding, in time for you to present them as gifts. 


A unique and meaningful way to thank members of the wedding party, parents or dear friends.

The sweet touch of the handcrafted makes a space fthat welcomes your guests with love.






A very special way to remember your wedding day forever.  I will create a unique, one-of-a-kind art quilt made from the words, fabrics, colors and spirit of your wedding day.  You can be a part of the design process, by sharing fabrics that have special significance to you. I will improvisationally design, create and complete the quilt, and schedule it to arrive on your one-year anniversary.

Meaning and memory, pieced together, become an heirloom to be treasured for many years to come.







Typewritten scrolls of poetry, arranged in a basket. Hand stitched name cards, showing guests where to go. Sachets filled with aromatic herbs, to remind guests of your special day. Are you planning a unique, heart-centered gathering? Whether it's a half dozen embroidered tea towels for the wedding party, or typed favors for two hundred, I can help you celebrate in handcrafted style!