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is a poet, dancer, maker, teacher, entrepreneur, curator, director and community organizer, who has been immersed in making since the late 80s. Her research grows out of a deep practice of paying poetic attention to the world, and lives in the intersecting communities of movers, makers, writers and activists. Her formal training in dance improvisation has sharpened her ability to tune into detail and nuance, allowing her to spontaneously find words and connect the threads of meaning in the moment. Katherine has spontaneously written hundreds of poems on request at weddings, art openings, reunions, and in performance, all on her mint green 1950s Royal typewriter. She moved to the coast of Maine from the White Mountains of NH, where she directed an international dance festival, managed a fine art gallery, designed business trainings for artists and entrepreneurs for the Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network, and taught a monthly ekphrastic writing workshop inspired by the changing gallery exhibits. A chronic instigator of collaborative and community actions, she creates generative situations for makers and thinkers to gather and share research. In 2016, she was named the NH Arts Advocate of the Year by NH Citizens for the Arts for her work on behalf of North Country artists. Her spontaneous typewriter poetry practice, THREAD, has been featured in The Knot as a trend-setting new wedding service, and she can often be found during the summer writing custom poems at local farmers markets. She regularly teaches and performs throughout the US and abroad, and believes in patchwork as a radical practice of being patient, saying yes, and making space for everyone at the table. You can see more of her work at



Katherine Ferrier

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