Custom Poems for your Valentine

I know, I know... Valentines Schmalentines. It's mostly a marketing gimmick manufactured to sell chocolate and tchotchkes. But it's also one of those golden times of the year when folks remember how powerful a thing a poem can be, how sweet a vehicle of affection, appreciation, gratitude, and love.

If you need a little magic/medicine in the form of a poem, for you or your sweetheart, a friend, or a colleague, I've got you covered. I write custom, one of a kind intuitive poems, designed to remind you who you are. And now through Valentine's Day I'm offering my services on a sliding scale, so you can choose how much to pay. 

Here’s how it works: 
1) Give me a word (by filling out the form below.)
You can give me more, a phrase or a story…anything really, and as much as you’d like, but I need at least a word as a jumping off place I’ll use to write your poem.

2) I will write your poem, and type it up on archival paper, suitable for framing.

Your poem will arrive in an elegant card, and tucked into an envelope, ready to give, or keep and enjoy for yourself.

Choose your price. 


© 2021 by Katherine Ferrier