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What is Thread?

THREAD is the soulful work of poet, performer and maker, Katherine Ferrier. A spontaneous typewriter poetry service, THREAD is also a poetic approach to improvisational quilt making.


bespoke typewriter poetry
Custom poems for your guests and loved ones, written on a vintage typewriter during the reception, beginning with the simple invitation: Give me a word, and I’ll write you a poem.  Each one is unique and personal, often uncovering layers of meaning that surprise, delight and touch the heart. 


heirloom quilts
Sewn together, meaning and memory become an heirloom to be treasured for generations. A handmade quilt using the fabrics, colors and spirit of you and your celebration. You can even be a part of the design process, by sharing fabrics that have special significance to you.


weddings • gifts • special events
From wedding favors and table decor, to poems and gifts for the bridal party. Are you planning a unique, heart-centered gathering? Get in touch and together we can build the perfect package to celebrate and honor the important moments in your life.

"Thread is not just a person writing poems behind a typewriter.  It is a gift of presence, an experience. More than a poem on a piece of paper, you get handed a small piece of yourself. Katherine has the ability to tap into the present moment like few others. Receiving one of her poems is the sweetest gift.  An heirloom, something to tuck away and pull out whenever you need it.” 


Marlee Grace, Have Company

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