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Megan Corrigan

Art Director, The Knot

Katherine Ferrier’s poetry was an amazing part of our wedding day celebration. Her poems offered our family and friends a special and personalized experience. We received many compliments on this out of the ordinary element of our reception, and her artistic talent. She wrote us a touching poem as a keepsake. I would highly recommend Katherine for your wedding or special event if you are looking to share a memorable and unique experience with your guests!

Marlee Grace

Owner, Have Company

Katherine’s ability to tap into the right now is what makes Thread such a valuable gift and asset to any occasion. Having someone there who is able to dive into the present moment through poetry and writing and create small one of a kind pieces of art is something that any couple should consider adding to their special day. It gives guests a chance to take something home with them that is so much more than just a party favor. Receiving one of her poems is so much more than a gift. It is an heirloom, something to tuck away and pull out when you need it. It is a piece of the day, of the companionship being formed, in its truest sense.

Nancy Blowney-Haas

Writer, director, actor

With so many choices out there to make your wedding THE wedding that everyone will talk about for years, I found it overwhelming to figure out what direction to go in. Then, I was given THREAD and the talented woman behind the keys, Katherine Ferrier, as a wedding gift! I had no idea what an impact Thread would have on my reception. It took on a life of its own, as each friend and family member gave Katherine a word on which to weave a very personal poem, just for them. People were crying. She struck the very journey and heart of the matter, for each sweet person that attended our special day. CRYING!!! I mean this literally. Almost every guest came up to us, holding out their hand typed poem, barely able to speak, "OMG, read this, you have to read this!!!" I knew my guests intimately and poem after poem hit the core of each person. They were making me cry! Is she a psychic or is she paying such close attention to each individual that she can see into their very soul? It's a mystery to me. Everyone went home and prominently displayed their poem somewhere in their house. But...there is one more surprise you get when you use Thread. Katherine calls you up and interviews you as a couple and writes you THE POEM OF THE CENTURY that she gives you at your reception, beautifully mounted on a wooden block. YES, it made us cry! Somehow, again, she encapsulated our entire lives and our relationship in a way that frankly took my breath away. People are still talking about Thread, this coolest of cool features from my wedding!

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