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Poet for Hire

Are you planning a holiday or staff party? A wedding, birthday or other heart-centered gathering?

Why not add the magic of spontaneous poetry! Poetry can work like the medicine you didn't know you needed: a soothing balm, a boost of energy, a reminder you are not alone, that what you feel is real.

How does it work, you wonder?

When you book me to write poems at your event, I bring my typewriter, paper, and a table (if needed). I can incorporate your theme, colors or inspirations into the paper I use. I can write, non-stop, for up to 5 hours.

During your event, guests are invited to come ask for a poem. All they need to give me is a word, though they are welcome to share with me as much as they like. Guests then mingle while I write their poem. Each poem takes a few minutes, and I'm adept at working with both large crowds and intimate gatherings.

Folks report feeling seen, and are often surprised the poem they receive is real, and not just a gimmick, or a re-hashed stock poem, but something potent, and powerful, written just for them. Most people make a gesture like the one you see in the photos below; hand to heart. The sweetness only multiplies as folks receive their poems and share them with other guests, and the magic ripples throughout the room.

If you'd like to talk about having me at your next event, I'd love to hear from you!

If you know anyone planning an event that would be made more magical with the addition of poetry, send them my way!

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